“I had back surgery a year ago and it
made my back pain even worse!”

Until I Tried This
10-Second Swedish Solution

“Not back surgery again!

I had back surgery a year ago and
it made my back pain even worse!

Hi, at the most embarrassing time possible, in front of over 80 people at my son’s birthday party...

I Screamed Out So Loudly
in Pain that it Scared People.

I yelled:

“Help! Someone call 911, and get me to the hospital now!”

You see, out of nowhere, it felt like someone had just stabbed me in the lower back.

I fell down on the cement driveway and clutched my back, crying out in unbearable pain.

My wife grabbed some ice and wrapped it in a paper towel.

She tried to apply it on my back, but I couldn’t stay still because I was in too much pain to stop squirming.

My wife asked the crowd if anyone had Advil or even stronger painkillers...

She handed me a big pile of pain pills and a Coke.

She told me to take all those pills, and I gulped them down.

The Ambulance Came, Put Me
on a Stretcher and Rushed Me
in a Frenzy to Mercy Hospital.

The doctor pumped Fentanyl into me
to try and ease my pain.

An hour later, the doctor came back with
X-rays and said I would need back surgery immediately.

I told him I had back surgery a year ago, and it made my back pain even worse.

The doctor mumbled under his breath about how some things need repeat surgery...

That maybe it wasn’t the right kind before or whatever doctors say.

I was red-hot steamin’ mad.

All I know is this…

I had Listened to Doctors
for the Last 20 Years...

And i was in more pain now than ever before in
my life from taking the advice of these doctors!

All their solutions were either prescription drugs or surgery.

It's like that's all they knew about!

It hit me like a bolt of lightning that prescription drugs or surgery were NOT the answer.

They had failed me for the last 20 years and I’d be a fool to keep doing these things that had failed to relieve my pain.

Time after time, for 20 years.

I needed something new and different and I was determined to find it!

My name is Frank Wallings* *.

And if you suffer from nagging pain in your back, neck, shoulders or knees, today is your lucky day.


I’m Going to Share with
You the Shocking Story of
How My Broken Back...

Led me to an incredible new
joint-pain solution from Sweden.

That in the past I would have never believed would work...

Because I’d tried all those pills and creams that promised me pain relief but didn’t work.

So I was extremely skeptical of any
pain-relief claim, as you probably are too...

But this natural discovery very quickly wipes out years of nagging aches, and even the worst bone-on-bone chronic pains.

Now, it is very embarrassing to tell you my personal story but in a crazy way...

I’m thankful for this incident at the party because it led me to discover a new and natural “Pain-Free Brain Compound” from Sweden that ended my pain.

And it has Given Blessed Pain Relief to 12,873 Men and Women Just Like You...

After everything else failed to work for them.

It has relieved even the worst bone-on-bone pain for these men and women.

Bone-scraping pain so excruciating that doctors had said addictive opioid drugs were their only option...

But they were dead wrong.

And I’m confident that even if you are a diehard skeptic like me...

It will give YOU TOO the amazing pain relief you want and need, and could even make YOU totally PAIN-FREE SOON.

With NO...



Side effects

High costs or doctor visits!

You See, I had Hit Rock Bottom Again.

And this time I promised myself
that come hell or high water...

I was once and for all going to find a way out of my real-life nightmare of daily and constant pain.

You see, I not only had excruciating pain in my lower back...

But ALSO in my knees from arthritis and in my neck and shoulders from the war and a car accident.

Maybe you can relate to my life.

I was just one big pile of pain, and this caused all sorts of problems in my life:

  • I was sick and tired of tossing and turning in bed.
  • Not being able to sleep decently.
  • And always feeling flat-out tired and cranky from lack of good sleep.
  • All my painful moans and groans as I tried to walk up or down stairs or bend over or try to lift something or get up.
  • Or twist my back.

I needed to find better pain relief, without relying on addictive and costly drugs that came with side effects.

Not only for my own comfort and sanity...

But for the comfort and sanity of my great and beautiful wife of 23 years.

Who had to put up with all the hardships of having a spouse who was almost always in terrible pain.

All the Things I Couldn’t Do
with Her and the Kids as a Family...

Like go camping or visit Six Flags amusement park like normal families do.

How I could hardly ever help her out with things.

Like bringing in the grocery bags because I was lying in pain on the couch with an ice pack.

How I was stealing our family’s hard-earned savings for our kids' college fees and our retirement

To spend on doctors, hospitals, prescription drugs and procedures that didn’t even work

And all the worry and stress I was causing my family was tearing up my insides with shame.

My Pain was Often so Bad,
I would See My Wife and Kids
Crying Over My Situation.

I felt ashamed and embarrassed.

I was the man of the family and I was supposed to be their protector.

It killed me inside to feel like the weak one in the family because of my pain.

I hated to make my family suffer.

Deep down, if I can be honest...

Disappointing my family like that made me feel like less of a spouse and a parent, and more like a loser.

But that All Changed for Me...

And My Life did a 180-degree turnaround for the
better when I accidentally found this home remedy.

Weirdly, this remedy was discovered from studying long-distance runners, yet it requires no running or exercise at all.

And this is important:

This breakthrough discovery is why everything you’ve tried in the past to reverse your pain has not worked well enough for you.

And read very carefully…

Because if you get this part wrong, pain relief will be nearly IMPOSSIBLE for you, no matter what you do.

A group of scientists in Sweden were stunned recently when they...

Discovered blood samples that showed a certain brain compound is 50% lower in people who are in pain.

That is shocking, when you think about it.

And Here’s the Great News:

Now you can restore your levels of
this brain compound to normal pain-free
levels quickly and easily.

World-famous Creighton University* * * states,

This natural pain reliever is more powerful than morphine.

I’ll tell you all about this pain-ending discovery in a moment.

But first, let me introduce myself properly.

Hey, my name is Frank Wallings.

I’ve been married to a beautiful wife
for 23 years and we have three children.

I’m an ex-Marine.

My buddies call me “Fort Frank” because they say nothing can get through me as I used to win all the tough-man contests we’d had.

I’ll tell you all about this 10-second natural pain relief breakthrough in a moment…

But first, I’m sure you are skeptical like I was, so listen to what Mary Jean Platnik from Arizona said:

“This is a pain relief Godsend”

“I almost didn’t try this crazy remedy because I’m so skeptical; because nothing gets rid of my terrible knee pain from a car accident.

But within just days, the creaky noise stopped—then the stiffness eased; then the pain relief started. This is a pain relief Godsend.”

- Mary Jean Platnik, Arizona

And Larry Porterfeld from Tampa, Florida said:

“Real pain relief like
nothing else I’ve tried.”

“By gosh, this is really something else. I thought I was doomed to awful back pain and arthritis in my joints for the rest of my life.

I was just wasting away, close to needing a wheelchair and getting ready to be thrown into a nursing home. But this has brought me real pain relief like nothing else I’ve tried.

I’m back to being happy and mobile again, and I feel like I’ve got a second lease on life now.”

- Larry Porterfeld, Tampa Florida

Pat Osterhouse from San Diego raves:

“I don’t need to take Aleve,
Advil or Tylenol any more.”

“I do not even need to take Aleve, Advil, Tylenol, or need those creams or patches any more because this relieves my pain 10 times better!”

- Pat Osterhouse, San Diego

So Sit Back, Turn Off Your TV,
and Get Ready to be Stunned in
the Next Few Moments.

You will never think about
pain the same way ever again.

You can finally be free from your aches and pains, and move like you want to, starting as soon as next week.

Maybe you are like me:

  • I am extremely skeptical because I’ve tried almost everything to get rid of my pain.
  • I felt like the VA hospital and medical systems had failed me.
  • Doctors, hospitals and drug companies were getting rich off me... I gobbled pain pills like candy.
  • I had cortisone injections and even tried acupuncture.
  • I had spent over $16,500.00 of our family's hard-earned savings on just medical deductibles and chiropractor bills.
  • I bought just about every pain-relief product I’d seen advertised on TV.

But I continued to suffer from almost-impossible pain every single day.

Frankly, I couldn't take the awful constant pain in my neck and shoulders, back and knees, any longer.

I needed a solution, and I needed one fast, or I didn’t know what I would do.

I even started thinking about doing the worst, but then I’ll never forget this:

One Day, I was Lying in Bed with Terrible Pain in My Back and Knees.

This is going to sound crazy, but I heard a
songbird singing beautiful sweet music like
I’d never heard before.

The music was so calm and relaxing.

Now, I’m embarrassed to admit this...

But I was raised a strict Catholic and I always believed in God.

But I had gotten away from religion because of the terrible things I had seen as a Marine in the war.

However I heard God Almighty talk to me that day.

He told me there WAS an answer to my pain.

He told me to get busy and start reading the research, and I would find the answer.

So you can believe what you want; that maybe it wasn’t God if you are not a believer, but I firmly believe it was God who’d sent me on this journey.

But before I got started, I knew I would need help from someone who was a real expert in researching health solutions...

And Luckily, I Knew Who to Call:

My nephew Nathan.

The same nephew whom — when he was 6 years old, I taught how to fish, on a family reunion vacation many years ago in Maine.

Nathan is known as the family genius.

He had gotten a 4.8 GPA in college, and has an IQ of 152 which puts him near the genius level.

He is now in medical school.

So I called Nathan and explained my desperate pain situation to him.

I asked Nathan how I should go about researching remedies that could end pain like mine.

Anything that worked — ancient things even, from anywhere in the world — I didn't care where from.

As an Insider, Nathan Told Me
Exactly What to Look For.

Frankly, I was excited, but I was skeptical
if I would find anything…

And if I did, they might just be old wives’ tales with no real proof behind them…

I remember I got out of bed in pain, got on my computer, and started doing this research like a madman.

  • All day. All night.
  • Almost non-stop for a year and a half.
  • My wife said I was a man possessed... she had never seen me so motivated.
  • I felt like I was investigating a great unsolved mystery.

I pored over hundreds and hundreds of studies on pain-relief remedies from all over the world:



Compounds and herbs.

A few of the nutrients I found had really solid proof behind them...

But I was frustrated that I had NOT yet found the one huge breakthrough I was searching for to end my terrible pain.

Then it happened.

With tired and blood-shot eyes...

I Read a Swedish Research
Study From the World-Famous Creighton University Medical Center.

It was so powerful, it literally took
my breath away as soon as I read it.

I’ll reveal it in a moment, but first...

Let’s look at the lousy options you and I have had for our pain in the past, up until this new jaw-dropping discovery.

Today’s “Pain Industry” is a big hoax and con.

It is set up to keep you and me coming back for more and more pain pills, surgery, injections and adjustments.

So the Pain Industry Keeps
Making Money Off Our Pain…

Instead of providing a real solution to solving our pain.

Just ask yourself this question:

If today’s treatments and medications were really good,
why are more people in pain today than ever before?

If conventional pain-relief methods worked, shouldn’t there be fewer people in pain now?

With all the treatments and medications there are for pain...

Why is the number of people who are suffering from pain going up instead of going down?

It’s outrageous.

And I was not going to sit quietly and take that horsecrap any more.

And thankfully, by the grace of God...

I made this discovery when I read this headline in a pain journal from Europe that said:

Sweden blood microscope reveals people in pain have 50% lower levels of this “Pain-Free Brain Compound”

In Stockholm, Sweden,
Scientists have Literally Turned the Pain-Relief Field Upside Down...

And they may win the next Nobel Prize for this discovery.

The world-famous Journal of
* * * confirmed these
study results.

New research on blood samples of people suffering from awful pain revealed one startling fact:

People who are in bad pain have
up to 50% lower levels of endorphins in their brain.

And that’s what’s interesting.

Because we know endorphin levels increase after a person exercises or runs...

Which is why heightened levels of endorphins in the body is known as
“the runner’s high”.

And everyone knows the positive and happy feelings you get from these endorphins… and that’s why many people also call them
“the happy compound”.

But this Study Also Found Out Something Else About Endorphins...

It turns out that when you are in pain, your endorphin levels sink like a rock thrown into a lake.

In fact, according to Hawaii Medical
* * *, prescription opioids or
pain drugs like:

Vicodin, fentanyl, morphine and hydrocodone are designed to increase your body’s levels of endorphins.

But we now know all the terrible problems these drugs bring in side effects...

And the opioid-addiction epidemic with 16,235 deaths a year, according to the CDC.

Creighton University in a 2020 report states,

“The pain relief experienced as a result of the release of endorphins has been determined to be greater than that of morphine.1

Dr. Bradley Stephan MD and his associates report this stunning news:

Endorphins are 18 to 33 times
more potent analgesic pain relievers than morphine.2

The Korean Journal Of Pain* * * published an interesting clinical study on endorphins for people suffering from fibromyalgia pain.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain.

Not surprisingly, people with fibromyalgia were found to have lower endorphin levels.

And Here’s What’s Interesting:

The study revealed that aerobic exercise has been increasingly proven to be the most effective intervention in fibromyalgia treatment.

It stimulates the secretion of endorphins, and this is associated with reduced pain perception and a higher pain threshold.

And in a study published in the journal Medicine, people suffering from osteoarthritis pain were given a treatment that increased their endorphin levels.

Guess what happened?

Yes, they reported a
significant reduction in the intensity of their pain.3

You see…

Endorphins are pain’s kryptonite — pain doesn’t stand a chance against endorphins.

So as you can see from all this iron-clad proof...

Low Endorphin Levels in
Your Body are the True Reason
You are Suffering From Pain.

And here’s the real shame that makes me burning mad:

All the other ways you and I have tried in the past to relieve our pain were not good enough because they did NOT address this underlying low-endorphin situation.

Now, as you know…

The problem is:

When you are in pain, you CANNOT exercise, work out or run to increase your endorphin levels.

That's why the key to real deep and lasting pain relief was to find natural nutrients that increase endorphin levels.

Well, I’m Super Excited to Say I Discovered 8 of These Pain-Killing Marvels During My Research...

These nutrients I’m going to tell you about in the next couple of moments can help end even your worst crunching bone-on-bone pain in the upcoming days.

Are you ready?

I call the first nutrient
“The Comfort Compound”

Because it skyrockets your body’s levels of endorphins in just days.

And it also reduces inflammation, and increases pain tolerance.

This is a natural compound absorbed by the root systems of plants, as part of the earth’s natural sulfur cycle.

The traditional pain industry tries to HIDE this pain-ender.

Maybe this is because the clinical-study proof of its pain-relief ability is so good it makes them worry about their pain-pill profits.

For example, the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine* * * published a randomized, double-blind,
placebo-controlled trial:

That showed taking this nutrient resulted in significant improvement in pain reduction and physical function, as well as activities of daily living in knee osteoarthritis patients over
12 weeks.4

And Here's Even More Proof...

The University Of Indonesia* * * studied “The Comfort Compound” in a double-blind, randomized, controlled
clinical trial.

It showed that a
combination of this nutrient, combined with another that I'd discovered decreased pain and swelling, and provided greater and more rapid improvement in
functional ability.5

The second incredible pain-relief nutrient that is kept hidden from us pain sufferers and which I found in my research is...


Methionine is a natural amino acid.

Amino acids are the building blocks that play an important role in many functions of your body, including its
pain-reduction process.

They are essential for the building and maintenance of your muscles, bones, and soft tissue.

Methionine is a natural marvel that produces critical
pain-modulating neurochemicals and hormones.

This little-known natural
pain-relieving powerhouse is not well known because it has only really been used in the field of chronic pancreatitis until now.

The Medical Journal
* * * reported on eight studies that used this nutrient on patients suffering from pain.

The study durations ranged from 10 weeks to 12 months.

The conclusion on pain relief was overwhelmingly positive.6

I was hopeful that pairing these 2 natural pain-relievers would give me incredible results because they both increase endorphin levels.

So I Called Up My Brilliant
Nephew Nathan Again...

And asked him if he knew of a company that could help me create a blend of these two ingredients in a capsule I could take for my terrorizing pain.

Luckily, my nephew put me in contact with a company that could do this.

I was a naive first-timer...

So I was surprised that it was such a long and expensive process to get this supplement pill made.

When the capsules finally arrived at my home by UPS delivery,

I thought I’d be excited; instead, extreme doubt hit me like a ton of bricks.

What if my research was wrong and these nutrients didn’t work, and didn’t relieve my pain?

After all, everything else I had tried over the past 20 years had failed for my constant intense pain.

But I Had to Try Them,
So I Immediately Took a Capsule.

I didn’t notice any improvement in my pain after Day 1 or Day 2...

And I became concerned and depressed that maybe these capsules I had created would not work.

But then I woke up on Day 3 and everything was different.

You see, normally my knees and back were stiff as a board when I woke up.

Which made it hard to even get out of bed.

But on that third day...

The stiffness and pain was about 50% less than normal, which was a huge improvement, and I got out of bed much more easily.

And on that day, i notice two things...

  • First, I was in a happier mood all day and night than I usually was.
  • Second, I had more energy than I normally had.

These improvements felt great, but I told myself not to get too excited because it might just be a fluke or beginner's luck:

My stiffness and pain might return, and my mood and energy might go right down to their usual miserable levels the next day.

But I was Wrong — Dead Wrong.

As the days went by, I continued to have
less and less pain and stiffness.

  • The “crunchy" sound from my
    worn-out knees and joint cartilage went from loud to barely just a whisper, when I walked or bent over.
  • I didn’t have to walk like a man with frozen steel legs any more.
  • I finally started sleeping through the night, with no pain keeping me awake in agony.

Once I was satisfied these capsules were the breakthrough I was looking for...

I gave extra bottles to my family members, my buddies, and their wives or girlfriends whom I knew suffered from pain also.

And Within Just Days, Every One of These 24 People Told Me They were Getting the Same Amazing Pain Relief.

It was very satisfying to me that I could help people get out of pain.

Because one thing we people in pain realize is that hardly anything in life is worse than suffering with bad pain.

And if we can help other people get out of pain, that is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world…

And as a Marine, I fully believe in “all for one, one for all” .

So I told my wife I felt a strong moral sense of duty to get these capsules out to everyone in the world who was in pain.

Maybe this was why God had spoken to me...

Maybe this was God’s purpose for me in this life.

So I told my wife and kids what I wanted to do.

We all prayed about it.

They were 100% On-Board with Me
and My Mission, and We Agreed to Talk About It the Next Day.

But before I did anything, I told my family…

“But you know me. If we’re going to do this,
we are going to make this THE BEST.

So I went back to my computer and looked through my notes on the hundreds and hundreds of studies on natural pain relief nutrients I’d pored over.

I wanted to add more nutrients to make this formula even more effective than it already was.

First, I added Bromelain.

This extract is taken from the stem of pineapples and has been used for pain relief in traditional medicine for over 1,600 years.7 8

Then I added Quercetin.

This plant flavonoid has been well-studied and research shows that taking it reduces pain and stiffness in adults with rheumatoid arthritis.9

So Now With These
Two Additional Nutrients…

I went back to the manufacturer to figure out
how to blend all four of the nutrients, and put
them into a single pill.

So we could have the most powerful and most effective natural
pain-relief supplement ever created.

It was very difficult work.

It took over two dozen different attempts.

But we finally got it right.

And today, I, along with my family, am proud to introduce you to…


A first-of-its-kind breakthrough that increases your endorphins, restoring them to their “Pain-Free” levels.

This is the first ever supplement in the world with a unique blend of nutrients to increase your endorphin levels.

Bringing them back to their original “pain-free” levels, so you can finally get the full pain relief you want and get back the comfort and ease you had before.

  • So that you can move like you want to, without aches or pains.
  • So that you can do the things you want to do, without being restricted.

Now as i mentioned...

I wanted to make this natural formula the strongest ever for pain relief.

So when I was going back and forth with the manufacturer, I added a few more ingredients.

One of which is a powerful form of Turmeric.

Which has been found to be just as effective as an
anti-inflammatory prescription drug.

A study published in the medical journal Trials* * * compared the effectiveness of turmeric to that of an anti-inflammatory drug called diclofenac.

The randomized trial gave 139 patients with knee pain either a 500-milligram capsule of curcumin (the substance found in turmeric) three times a day...

Or a 50-milligram diclofenac pill twice daily.

Scientists found that both groups experienced significant pain relief.

“Curcumin has similar efficacy to diclofenac but demonstrated better tolerance among patients with knee OsteoArthritis.10

The study authors wrote.

We also added our specially-selected
premium Glucosamine.

Even medical doctors agree this can help reduce pain.

“There are some studies that show improved joint flexibility and range of motion with glucosamine sulfate.”

Says Farshad Fani Marvasti, MD, director at University of Arizona.

“That’s the one I would take if you’ve got joint stiffness.11

Then we added premium-grade
Boswellia Extract.

A clinical trial conducted by Dr. Siba Raychaudhuri of UC Davis has shown that the extract of this plant can reduce pain and considerably improve
knee-joint functions...

In some cases even providing relief within seven days12.

Finally, we added a special type of Chondroitin.

This nutrient has been tested in at least 22 clinical trials for pain relief.

Evidence in many trials show that it has significant clinical benefits in reducing pain and in reducing painkiller use13.

So This Formula has a Total
of 8 Pain-Relieving Nutrients in All.

Working for you around-the-clock
to make you pain-free.

Now, I know some pain products contain a few of these nutrients, but none of them, and I repeat...

No other product contains ALL of these nutrients in the same form and amount as our special formula.

Because many supplement manufacturers SKIMP on ingredient quantity and quality to cut their costs.

Which means those supplements you buy from other companies sound good but do NOT work for so many people.

And don’t even get me started on the unpronounceable junk chemical fillers and additives they include in their supplements...

That maybe you shouldn’t even be putting into your body at all.

And Remember,
Our Formula is “Super-Charged”
by “The Comfort Compound”
and Methionine.

These key ingredients are very hard to find, and therefore very expensive.

But I’d rather pay a few bucks more and be pain-free, than try to save a few bucks and be in agony and pain all day and night...

Wouldn’t you?

And I guess that’s why, even though it is new, ExaFlex™ is already selling like hotcakes.

Because People are Finally Getting Blessed Pain Relief...

And telling their friends and family about it.

Like Mark Davenport Sr. from Iowa who wrote:

“I can play baseball with my adorable grandson Jason.”

“I can finally walk up and down the stairs without pain, sleep through the night without agony, and most importantly, play baseball with my adorable grandson Jason.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you did in making ExaFlex™.”

- Mark Davenport Sr., Iowa

And Jenniffer Answich from Georgia who said:

“It’s a hot darn miracle for us!”

“I was very skeptical, but I’ve eaten my words cuz this stuff is better than anything I’ve ever used for my painful knees and fingers.

My husband, a friend, and a neighbor are all taking it with great results now too. ExaFlex™ is a hot darn miracle for us.”

- Jenniffer Answich, Georgia

I could go on for hours with testimonials on how ExaFlex™ is providing pain relief that’s much better than any other pill, patch or cream you've tried before...

But you get the idea.

It Works Better than
Any Other Pain Reliever.

I’ll tell you how you can try
ExaFlex and get guaranteed results.

I’ll also tell you how to be free of any risk, and get huge savings, in just a moment.

But first, let’s look at other ways you can try to get pain relief, and compare these alternatives to ExaFlex™.

Many people gobble up Aleve, Advil or Tylenol like they’re candy.

But these medicines are very hard on your liver and kidneys.

And most people don’t know this...

But these drugs speed up the degradation and destruction of your joint cartilage.

Which is just the opposite of what your body needs now.

A British Medical Journal* * * review of studies including over 100,000 patients...

Showed that NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) used to treat arthritis dramatically increased the risk of heart attack deaths.

Now, another study called the INVEST study, with over 22,000 patients, has confirmed this problem.

Dr. OZ’s* * * website also published an article on how arthritis medications can double heart attack deaths14.

Research has shown too that in America, NSAID medications cause over 16,500 deaths a year from bleeding ulcers.

Now, do you see why I recommend you try ExaFlex™...

Which has No Side Effects
and No Long-Term Problems?

You cannot become addicted to it either.

And ExaFlex™ cannot be compared to any other pain reliever you can buy.

Because these other pain relievers DO NOT EVEN CONTAIN the same ingredients that are the key to ExaFlex™.

And if they did, the amounts are too small to be effective.

Even though it is pretty new...

ExaFlex™ has already become a very fast seller — this herbal supplement sells out as soon as we get a new shipment in.

This Makes Out-of-Stocks a
Very Common Occurrence.

But I don't want people who are
suffering from pain like you to miss out.

So I made sure the company set aside a small number of bottles for readers of this page to get their own supply of ExaFlex™ today.

That’s because my mission in life is to help as many people as I can to get full and lasting pain relief.

Just like I did for Mark* *, Mary Ann* * and thousands of others who’ve become happier and more active people for their families and their loved ones.

I just don’t want to see any man or woman suffer from pain any more.

Plus, many clinical studies have shown us that the longer you take each of the nutrients inside ExaFlex™…

The More Your Pain will Lessen.

That’s because the natural nutrients in this supplement take time to build up enough quantity in your body to take their full effect.

So while you will get benefits starting on Day 1…

You will recieve the full benefits the more you take this incredible supplement.

Which is why the longer you take ExaFlex™…

  • The more your endorphins will increase, and return to their normal pain-free levels.
  • And you'll feel greater pain relief.

It's for all of these reasons that i personally recommend...

Choosing At Least 3 Bottles of
ExaFlex (a 90-Day Supply)

Or 6 bottles (a 180-Day Supply),
for the absolute best health possible.

Now, ExaFlex™ is NOT available on any other website or on Amazon.

It is only available on this website and given its popularity…

It might not be available for long.

Especially since the manufacturer is struggling to keep up with demand.

Now, here’s the great news I was telling you about the price.

If you bought the 8 nutrients in ExaFlex™ separately, you would be spending $117.84 a month.

And you still would not be getting nearly the same quality of ingredients as what’s in this supplement.

That’s why ExaFlex™ normally sells for $99 a bottle.

But Right Now, and
Through This Website Only…

Viewers can take home ExaFlex
today at a major discount.

Unlike some conventional pain solutions… ExaFlex™ has no known side effects.

Which is a huge relief to so many customers.

Because they love knowing they don’t have to worry about nasty side effects.

When considering all of that…

$99 for ExaFlex™ would really be a fair deal.

Plus, there’re all the benefits money can’t buy, like:

Spending each morning, afternoon and evening

Getting back your freedom and mobility.

Enjoying your favorite activities again.

And finally
being able to sleep soundly with no pain,
every night.

Thinking of all of that…

$99 for a bottle seems like a true bargain to me.

Yet, despite all of that…

Today, You Won’t Pay Anywhere
Near $99 for a Bottle of ExaFlex

This is because like I said before…

My goal is not to make money, but to save people from the pain and suffering that thousands of other people and I had to go through.

I want to help as many people as I can and the team behind ExaFlex™ couldn’t agree more.

Which is why, when you order right now as part of the company’s
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You can Get Your very
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Which is a BIG SAVINGS off the regular price!

Please note — this is a one-time-only payment.

  • There are NO hidden charges or fees.
  • There is NO automatic billing later and...
  • There are no subscription fees.

But this is just the beginning.

I realize that many people may want to keep taking ExaFlex™ for a long time…

And the Fact that There Really
are Limited Supplies Available…

You may want to stock up
on 6 bottles of ExaFlex today.

So you remain pain-free, and don’t run out of your capsules and risk slipping back into terrible pain again.

And so that you have enough supply on hand to share with your family and friends as well, and be their hero.

It’s for these reasons that our team has created a substantially-discounted
multi-bottle plan.

Where you can stock up and save on 6 bottles of ExaFlex™ now…

For just $33 per bottle!

Which is a total savings of $396 when you order right now.

Such an incredible bargain, isn't it?

But this Special Discount is Only Being Offered Through this Website…

And there’s more good news.

As part of our “Pain Free Campaign”...

We are going to give FREE shipping and handling to you today.

Which is a $9.95 value.

But both the discount and the free shipping are guaranteed for TODAY ONLY.

And only while supplies last.

So Choose the 6-Bottle Package

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After Choosing a Package…

You will be redirected to a 100% Secure
and Encrypted Checkout Page.

This is the same high security that your bank and Amazon use, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Where there’s a simple order form to fill out and after that…

An order of ExaFlex™ will be on its way to you and will arrive within 5–7 business days from now.

So, looking at the facts…

This is One of the Smallest,
Yet Most Important, Investments
You will Ever Make for Your Health

Something that will not only help
end your pain once and for all…

But will also make you a healthier, happier and more active person.

And this means that soon, you can start living your best life again.

The life you were MEANT to be living.

  • A single bottle of ExaFlex™ puts you on the path to natural pain relief.
  • Three bottles guarantee you can keep taking ExaFlex™ without interruption.
  • And with 6 bottles of ExaFlex™, you are setting yourself up to enjoy a more care-free life for many years to come.

So go ahead and choose an ExaFlex™ package now while there are still supplies in stock.

And enjoy the peace of mind that comes with supporting your health today!

Here’s why this investment should be so easy to make:

Your Investment Today is
also Covered by a 12-Month,
100% Money-Back GUARANTEE

No fine print and no questions asked!

365 Days Money Back Guarantee

At Nutriomo Labs Pte Ltd, we are so sure of the effectiveness of our product that we are willing to put the entire risk on us.

Our industry best 365 Days Money Back Guarantee states that either you're 100% satisfied, or your money back.

You can place your order safely and knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong. Give Exaflex a try and see the difference it would bring to your life.

If at any time you are not happy with Exaflex, just send back your empty bottles and we will refund you immediately.

No questions asked.

We pride ourselves in our product and service and want you to be absolutely satisfied.

Here’s How It Works:

Right now, simply click on the button and place your order, you are just saying “maybe” to ExaFlex

Then once you get your bottles in a few days from now…

Start taking your 3 small capsules a day before you eat and see how you feel.

Most of ExaFlex™’s loyal customers fall in love with how it gets rid of their pain!

There really is ZERO risk because of this guarantee.

And if, for some reason, ExaFlex™ isn’t working out as well as you want…

Just call or email our award-winning 24/7 US-based customer service team.

And they’ll send you a refund immediately.

  • No questions.
  • No hassle.
  • No hard feelings.

Which means there’s no downside here at all…

It’s a 100% Risk-Free Investment that Comes with Tons of Health Benefits…

And you'll have a full 365 days (12 full months) to see if ExaFlex is right for you.

Doesn’t it make sense to feel and experience ExaFlex™ as a part of your decision-making process?

Then why not think it over while trying ExaFlex™ since there’s no risk?

Go ahead and try ExaFlex™ today risk-free and choose from one of the package options below right now.

  • To say “YES” to conquering your pain.
  • And “YES” to living a happy, healthy, and better life again.
  • YES! It's time to put my pain Under New Management and secure my supply of Exaflex™ now!

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Imagine a Life Free From Joint Pain.

life where you can actively engage with your grandchildren, children and spouse.

A life where you can do the activities you love:




And ordinary daily activities:

Getting out of bed

Walking up stairs

Opening jars.

With no joint pain, there will be no more pretending to be pain-free for the sake of your loved ones.

Pain will not determine what you can do.

You will Take Back
Control Over Your Life.

You will move free of pain and without fatigue,
and it will happen in just 5 days.

This is great news for pain sufferers.

  • You don’t have to live with pain any more.
  • You don’t have to take potentially dangerous drugs.
  • You don’t have to limit your favorite activities.

ExaFlex™ will help you be as pain-free and as comfortable as when you were MUCH YOUNGER.

You will have more energy; and be more active, more productive and happier, day in and day out.

Best of all, it is all-natural with no side effects.

Now, It’s Time to Make a Decision…

Please don’t ignore all the proof you’ve seen and continue to be a slave to pain and health issues.

Not taking action now will change nothing and it’s obvious that something must change here.

  • Because a life of constant pain, fatigue and frustration…
  • Where you are always worried about your pain worsening, and what that could mean…
  • Like needing joint-replacement surgery, or being stuck in the hospital...
  • Or being put into a nursing home against your wishes...

Well, that’s no life at all, is it?

Especially Now that I’ve Shared
the Nutrients Inside ExaFlex

And shown how powerful they are at ending pain.

That’s why I want to make it easy for you to say “YES” to ExaFlex™ today.

So go ahead and claim your order of ExaFlex™ by choosing from one of the packages below.

Your investment is protected by a 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which means there’s absolutely no risk for you in trying it out.

Break free of frustration and choose a package right now…

Perhaps the recommended 6-bottle“best deal” package and start living a better life.


I Want to Naturally End
My Pain Now by Securing My
Supply of ExaFlex Today…

So I can enjoy my life more, starting right away!

1 Bottle

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1 Bottle


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3 Bottles


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I know you’re skeptical...

But I’ve shown you iron-clad evidence from leading scientists and universities that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this will relieve your pain.

The company even guarantees it.

Just try it with an open mind.

Listen to What Some of Our 29,651 Success Stories Have To Say...

People like you and me who have transformed not only their bodies, but their lives, with the help of ExaFlex:

Like Ron Clevenger from Nashville who said:

“I was the most skeptical
person you could ever meet…”

“I didn’t think anything would work to end my pain from being a house-mover for 24 years.

Opioids stopped working. Surgery didn’t work.

I was the most skeptical person you could ever meet, but your discovery gave me back the pain-free life and happiness I never thought I’d get back.”

- Ron Clevenger, Nashville

Here’s what Charlie shared about him and his wife…

“Within one week, she had
noticeable pain relief.”

“After going to an orthopedic specialist and getting several steroid shots (the shots that cost $2000 a piece), and getting no relief for the pain in her “bone on bone” right knee, I bought these for my wife to try.

Within one week, she had noticeable pain relief.

Since then, she reports having achieved 30% pain relief, which is amazing and wonderful!

I have since started using it and have also found pain relief in my damaged joints.

I chose this product for its combination of ingredients, price and because of the bromelain which sets it apart from all the others we've tried.”

- Charlie Coleman, Cleveland, Ohio

Paul was glad he stuck with ExaFlex™...

“Helped with the joints
in my neck immensely.”

“This has helped with the joints in my neck immensely.

I no longer feel like they are grinding on each other.

It took a little while for me to notice a difference (about 2–3 weeks) but I am so glad I stuck with this.”

- Paul White, Jacksonville

Here’s what others shared…

“The quality of my life
has improved dramatically.”

“I went to my primary care because I was having problems with my knee.

I was suffering from pain and swelling; had difficulty walking, sleeping and performing everyday activities.

Doctor confirmed what I thought—arthritis, and offered the usual: Ibuprofen, warm/cold compresses, elevate with a pillow under knee.

And possible referral to a specialist. I had already ordered this joint supplement and decided to forgo Ibuprofen.

Fast forward, I'm on my second bottle and I am ecstatic to report pain has diminished considerably.

I am able to walk with minimal discomfort. The loud crunchy noise I experienced when bending my knee is now a light popping.

Today, I was able to use my elliptical. The quality of my life has improved dramatically. As a woman 67 years young, I have things to do! I will use this as long as the company produces it.

And I have told friends and family about it. ”

- Annabelle Burns, New York

“Glad I found something that works.”

“I have arthritis and osteoporosis. Been taking this for a few months.

I've noticed much less stiffness and pain in my feet, knees, hips and back.

I'm glad I found something that works. Will definitely keep taking it.”

- Thomas Hill, Chicago

“Very little pain in my joints.”

“I am 68 years old and I have very little joint pain anywhere.

My hips and knees used to ache in the morning and in the evening, but after taking this for a few months, I have had very little pain in my joints.

My wife and I take care of a 4-acre property with lots of mowing, landscaping and flower beds to care for.

This really helps to minimize any issues.”

- Greg Stone, Dallas

“The pain is basically gone.”

“After trying ExaFlex™ for a month, I suddenly started to see a definite improvement. The pain and stiffness got much better, my range of motion greatly improved too.

Previously, I couldn't bend my right elbow and touch my thumb to my shoulder.

I could only get my thumb to within about 3 inches from my shoulder and that was painful. Now I can touch my shoulder with my thumb.

I couldn't bend my right wrist so that my palm was facing up, in the past; and now I can, without any pain.

I can once again lift my mattress up to change the sheets on the bed, when I couldn't previously.

I still have some stiffness in my right hand, wrist and elbow but it's nothing compared to what it was before I started on ExaFlex™.

The pain is basically gone.”

- Deborah Mills, Kansas City

As you can see…

People are really loving this formulation.

So please, act now because supplies are limited, and out-of-stocks are a real risk.

And I can’t promise this offer will be around forever.

Especially with the cost of materials for our sleek bottles, and the precious ingredients inside, rising every month…

So Click the Button Below Now...

For this Limited-Time Discount to Stock Up and Save on Your Supply of ExaFlex

1 Bottle

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per bottle

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per bottle

Thank you for reading.

And I can’t wait to hear about your life-changing experience with ExaFlex™.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still here? Great!

This means you probably have a question I can answer.

So here are a few of the most common questions I get, and my answers to them.

It is for any man or woman who wants to end their pain, regardless of:

  • Their age
  • What type of pain they have
  • Where their pain is
  • How bad their pain is now
  • What they have tried before
  • Whether they are currently on medication

A Swedish study from the world-famous Creighton University has revealed that endorphin levels in people suffering from intense pain are up to 50% lower than those of regular people.

This proves low endorphin levels are the root cause of your pain.

We have discovered 8 all-natural ingredients that raise your endorphin levels back to their “pain-free levels”.

This is just what you need.

This is why other attempts to alleviate your pain have NOT worked for you in the past.

Let me repeat: Because your past efforts did NOT address your low endorphin levels, your past efforts of physical therapy, exercise, medications and supplements have failed to work for your pain.

“The Comfort Compound” in this supplement, plus 7 additional pain-killing nutrients, have been used for hundreds to thousands of years around the world, and have been proven to relieve pain in just days.

The ingredients in our formula will start working right away, and you’ll notice a difference within the first 7–10 days.

And the results will only get better, the longer you take ExaFlex™.

Which is why I recommend stocking up on the 3 or 6 bottle option.

The ingredients inside ExaFlex™ are the cream of the crop for supporting joint health.

All you have to do is take 3 easy-to-swallow capsules of ExaFlex™ before your first meal of the day and you’re all set.

Yes, it is completely safe.

ExaFlex™ was created in a GMP-certified facility here in the United States.

And we have had no safety issues, reports or complaints.

Though, as always, if you have any medical condition or are taking prescription medication, take a bottle of this supplement to your doctor and show him or her the label to put your mind at ease.

The ingredients in our formula are all from nature, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

However, please consult your doctor before introducing a new supplement to your system.

In the rare chance that somehow ExaFlex™ doesn’t work for you...

Rest assured that you risk nothing in ordering your supply now.

This is because you are fully protected by a 12-month “no question asked” money-back guarantee.

So if for some reason ExaFlex™ isn’t working out for you, you will receive a full refund immediately.

Which means there’s no downside here at all, it’s a 100% risk-free investment that comes with tons of health benefits.

And there’s a full 12 months to see if ExaFlex™ is right for you, so click on the package of your choice and place your order right now, before you miss out on this big savings.

I’m honestly not sure.

As I mentioned before, production is not cheap because we only use high-quality ingredients.

Coupled with the frequent out-of-stocks due to increasing demand and supply-chain delays…

We probably won’t be able to maintain this deeply-discounted price forever.

That’s why I encourage you to order today and grab the 3 or 6 bottle option…

To make sure you don’t run out. You’ll also save the most money with the 6-bottle option: up to $336!


All you have to do to claim your supply of ExaFlex™ is…

Select how many bottles you’d like below...

Then click the “Add To Cart” button…

After that, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can complete your order and tell us where to send the bottles.

Once that’s done, we’ll get your bottles of ExaFlex™ in the mail and they’ll arrive at your door in 5–7 business days.

Alright, so that’s all for today.

Go ahead and complete your order, and I’ll see you on the next page.

1 Bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles

3 Bottles

1 Bottle


per bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles


per bottle

3 Bottles


per bottle

Those are the most common
questions I get about ExaFlex

Hopefully, your question was answered there.

But if you’re still wondering if it’s right for you…

The only way to find out now is to claim your desired package by clicking on one of the three buttons and completing your secure order.

Just give it a try.

Isn’t it just better to find out now, rather than wonder "what if?" for the rest of your life?

Your body and your health are all you really have and let’s face it.

Life is short.

There are Not Many Things
You can Buy at This Low Cost
that will Do So Much for You.

Live the way you want to.

And when you decide to get out and about…

You may notice a short walk takes less effort.

You’ll feel as if Father Time has turned back the clock on your body.

A week later, you might even notice a bounce in your step…

You may even start chasing after your grandkids with boundless energy or treat them to piggyback rides whenever you feel like it.

Shoot, You Might Even Become
the “Favorite Grandparent”.

The fun grandparent.

You’ll feel a youthful confidence, a sense of control…

Control over your own body.

For some, this might take a day or two. For others, it might take a week.

However, one day… It WILL happen.

I call it…

Your “Moment of Freedom”

It’s when you feel things are
truly normal for the first time.

  • When you’re in control of your pain and it does NOT control you any more…
  • When you’re not fighting an invisible enemy that keeps blocking your freedom and happiness.

And you know you can do whatever you want.

Whenever you want and not have to worry about pain problems and not have to worry about who-knows-what that can bite you back later.

So you can be there for the people who mean the most in your life:

Your children

Your grandchildren

Your spouse

Your friends.

Because a big part of you that was held hostage by pain is now free to experience the energy, freedom and happiness you deserve…

When the “Moment of Freedom” comes for you...

It will be a day you’ll never forget.

This is What I Want for You.

I want you to get your
“Moment Of Freedom” as soon as possible.

1 Bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles

3 Bottles

1 Bottle


per bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles


per bottle

3 Bottles


per bottle

Claim your bottles of ExaFlex now

While this limited-time discount is available.

And while we’re still in stock and decide within the next 365 days if it’s for you.

If it’s not… you’ll get a fast and full refund.

But chances are, you’re going to love your experience with ExaFlex™.

So don’t wait any longer…

Select the number of bottles you’d like.

  • Whether it’s the 6-bottle option
  • The 3-bottle option
  • Or whichever option works best for you

And click the “Add To Cart” button below to get started.

I wish you all the best and I can’t wait to hear about your experience.

Still Have More Questions
About ExaFlex ?

Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

The toll-free number is 1-800-856-5587, and we’re available 24/7.

Seriously and don’t worry...

You won’t have to talk to a robot or any automated machine.

We have real, live humans answering phones to help you.

So if you’re ready to start taking control of your joint health…

Just take the leap…

Click the button below, and take action right now.

You have nothing to risk, nothing to lose and a vibrant, worry-free life waiting for you.

Remember, We Have a Very
Limited Supply of this Formula.

When it’s gone, it’s hard to tell when we will have more.

So, take advantage of this massive up-to-63% discount available only on THIS page.

Select the number of bottles you’d like…

Whether it’s the 6 bottle option, the 3 bottle option or whichever option works best for you.

And click the “Add To Cart” button below to get started.

I’d like to thank you again for your time.

I look forward to getting to know you better as a customer, and hearing about how much you’re enjoying your new-found health.

1 Bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles

3 Bottles

1 Bottle


per bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles


per bottle

3 Bottles


per bottle


Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1976 Aug;73(8):2895-8. doi: 10.1073/pnas.73.8.2895.



Acta medica Indonesiana 49(2):105-111

Pancreatology. Mar-Apr 2015;15(2):136-44. doi: 10.1016/j.pan.2015.01.003.









1 Bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles

3 Bottles

1 Bottle


per bottle

Best Value

6 Bottles


per bottle

3 Bottles


per bottle